How many times have expecting moms wished they had 5 different baby registries so they can get the best selection and bargain for their new baby?  One place may have the best baby crib and another may have the best nursery accessories, while another has the most adorable baby clothes you’ve ever seen.  You don’t want to bombard your baby shower guests with a bunch of confusing baby registries, but you know in your heart what you really want.  We know exactly where you’re coming from, which is why has teamed up with Wishpot to create the perfect baby registry possible so you can have the nursery of our dreams…

Wishpot is a free online service that allows you to go on any site and add the item to your ‘Wishpot List.”  Simply look for the Wishpot icon next to the social media buttons on a product page and add any item that your heart desires.  Share the item with your friends through email and social media, and let your Wishpot list grow into a reality.  But perhaps the most exciting feature of using Wishpot is you can allow Contributors or guests to chip in on the most important items, like your baby crib, changer and dresser.  You don’t have to feel guilty about asking for baby furniture anymore.

So before you send out the baby shower invitations, try out our Wishpot feature on and see how easy it is to create the perfect baby registry and get what you really want for your nursery!

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