Many children learn the word “No!” early on. Let’s face it, parents tend to say “No!” a bit too often, and children love to mimic what mom and dad say. In some cases it can be cute, because parents are just happy their child is learning to speak and in other cases it can be quite annoying. If your child is like the little girl in the video, there are things you can do to change a “no” into a “yes”.

1. As the parent, stop using the word “No” so often. Try saying “yes” or “maybe” instead.
2. When your child is not following a rule, instead of saying “No, don’t do that!” replace the no with a statement like…”Instead of doing (that) do (this)”. That way your child will know what’s expected of him without hearing the word “No”.
3. Give your child options. Instead of saying “Would you like an apple?” say “Would you like an apple or orange?” This way your child can’t say “No!” You can practice giving choices at meal times when your child is happily in his high chair or at bath time, when you’re offering your child a toy.
4. Teach your child the appropriate way to use the word “No”. Make sure that he/she understands what the word means, because sometimes a child says “No” when he/she really means “Yes”.
5. Be patient. If your child has gotten a touch of the “No” bug, it might take some time to cure the habit, but it is possible if you make some changes in your parenting style.

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