cowell-silvermanRecent news about Simon Cowell and Laura Silverman’s new baby on the way has left us all shocked!  First off, the recent controversy of the couple stems from Laura’s husband, Andrew Silverman who is a friend of Cowell’s, who filed for divorce a few months ago after discovering the alarming news that Simon and Laura were expecting.  Yikes!

Cowell aired his feelings about the pregnancy news and controversy on the Ellen Degeneres Show recently and commented, “Oh my God, this is exciting, and it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare for the next few weeks.”  I would certainly imagine so!

What Type of Dad Will Simon Cowell be? (Cast your Vote below)

With all the controversial news buzzing around about the couple, we at Baby Café were wondering what type of dad you thought the overly critical, multi-million dollar television producer will be?

  • The Disciplinarian Dad: Believes in strict punishment from the get-go.  Wants junior to know his place at an early age and will tend to respond in negative reinforcement.
  • Whatever-it-Takes a.k.a. Super Dad: Looking passed his tough outer shell, he is actually a warm, fuzzy dad at heart and will do whatever it takes to make the family happy.  Will put baby to sleep in the crib, take on late-night diaper duty, and spend lots of time bonding with junior.
  • The Traveling/MIA Dad: His lucrative career as the 6th richest person in British music industry prevents him from being at home very often.  He makes up for it by providing a lavish lifestyle and tons of presents.
  • Renaissance Dad: Who knows? Cowell could decide to take a break from television and work from home, cook, sing songs, arts and crafts, and teach valuable lessons to junior.
  • Self-Centered Dad: Don’t mess with success.  It’s all about dad’s high-priorities, so family life will secede to Cowell’s career and ambition.

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What Type of Dad Will Simon Cowell be?

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What’s Next?

BabyXFactorSimon Cowell has never fell short of multi-million dollar ideas for television.  So what’s next on the entertainment agenda?  Will this recent baby venture inspire a new show?  I think we smell a definite hit!





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2 thoughts on “What Type of Dad Will Simon Cowell be?

  1. I voted A at first but considering the selfishness it would require to get in his predicament in the 1st place, I wish I could change my vote to E!

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