You’ve probably noticed we’ve had a makeover! Our goal with Baby Café is for you to want to stop by for inspiration, education, entertainment and engagement with people just like you.  We want this to be trusted community where you can share your pregnancy and parenting adventures, get first glance at the hottest baby furniture and products, and get a stylish dose of nursery inspiration to turn the baby room into a fashion haven.  At Baby Café, you’ll be able to find:

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    • What’s Hot in the Nursery: Get first glance at the hottest brand names in baby furniture and products.  Find modern and traditional styles that fit your tastes and budget, news on the safest baby furniture, most helpful baby products and more.
    • Nursery Design Tips: We are proud to introduce our panel of Design Experts to provide stylish design tips with a budget-conscious frame of mind.  Our ‘Showroom’ will reveal fabulous nurseries from moms like you and me, as well as wonderful tips to provide inspiration that will give your nursery just the right touch.  You must come see…
    • The Real-Deal on Pregnancy: Get pregnancy tips and advice from moms who know what you’re going through.  Get information on everything from prenatal care, preparing for delivery, post-natal care, recipes, fitness and more.  Share your funny and not so funny pregnancy stories and read about others.
    • Baby and Parenting Advice: It takes a village to raise a child, so Baby Café is bringing the village to you.  Get helpful information to raise a happy baby and educational tips to mold their young minds.  Discover great kids activities, party ideas, safety info, parenting concerns, ways to alleviate stress and more.
    • Coffee Talk:  We can’t forget to bring in the edgy, humorous, sarcastic coffee talk chat.  The Scoop is where you go for topics that the big name baby sites don’t want to talk about.  Yikes, did I just say that out loud?
  • And Coming soon… A trusted, interactive community for parents:  We want to hear from YOU.  Stay tuned for a cool discussion hub where you can share your pregnancy and parenting experiences.  Inquiring minds want to know…


Thanks for visiting Baby Café.  Come back to visit on your next coffee break!

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